Friday, April 20, 2012

The Great Moo Debate

The Great Moo Debate
Low Fat Chocolate Milk, Legitimate Recovery Drink, or Brilliant Marketing Ploy? 
One would almost have to be blind not to see the recent flurry of advertisements and pro athlete endorsements touting the virtues of low fat chocolate milk as a viable recovery drink. 
Recently the manufacturers of some of the more popular recovery powders and drinks are trying to discredit the milk industry's research by stating chocolate milk is not nearly beneficial after a workout as some of the specialized sports recovery products.
While that may or may not be true, can you stop in your local convenience store or market on the way to or from a race or training and pick up a container of "engineered recovery powder"?   The answer in most cases would be no.
Scientific research aside, in my opinion chocolate milk wins in the readily available, ease of use and convenience categories hands down.  Not to mention, it tastes great too!
It is my experience that the benefits of chocolate milk are genuine and not a marketing ploy in any shape form or fashion.  As a life long milk drinker and member of Team Refuel, I am proud to say chocolate milk is "my AFTER".

What are your thoughts on low fat chocolate milk?

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