Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Fever Spring Triathlon

 The Spring Fever Triathlon was held on April 23, 2011 in Claremore Oklahoma.  The event was sold out with over 400 people competing.  

The event consisted of a 400 yard pool swim, 12 mile out and back bike, and a 2 mile run.    I finished in 1:17:28 placing 12th in my age group. 

I am not a fast swimmer by any stretch of the imagination placing 14th in the swim.  I was happy to place 3rd in T1. The bike was my strongest discipline. I averaged 25 mph out and hit 40 mph occasionally and heard one of the other competitors exclaim "wow" as I flew by them. I was thinking I got this in the bag until the turn around and realized there was a tail wind on the way out.  The return trip was quite a bit slower due to the headwind averaging 16.8 for the course.  Slower than I had hoped for as I usually average 19 - 20.

I have mastered the flying dismount coming into T2.  However, T2 could have been better, when I bent over to put my running shoes on I had a terrible muscle cramp in my diaphragm and had to sit down to put the shoes on. 

If I had prepared a little more and done a few more bricks, my run time would have been better possible placing me in the top 10.  

I am fine with the results as this was my first Tri of the season and it only served to emphasize the area's I need to work on.

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