Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So you want to be a Sponsored Athlete?


 I have been fortunate enough to serve as a Brand Ambassador / Sponsored Athlete for several highly visible and respected companies / products in recent years.  The experience has been nothing short of amazing in terms of opening doors to other opportunities and networking with my peers.  To me the most rewarding and valuable part of being a Brand Ambassador is the support, advice, camaraderie from my fellow teammates

The terms Brand Ambassador and Sponsored Athlete are used interchangeably in this post. 


So, what is a Brand Ambassador or Sponsored Athlete & what characteristics should a Brand Ambassador posess?
A Brand Ambassador is typically an amateur athlete who acts as a marketing representative for a product or service in exchange for goods or services that company provides.  

When someone becomes a Brand Ambassador, they are making a commitment to be the public face of a company or product by representing them to the best of their ability. 

A Brand Ambassador should always speak positively about the product(s) they are representing.

So, you are considering becoming a Brand Ambassador?  

Take a few minutes and determine if you possess several of the following characteristics. 

First and foremost, you should be a regular user of the product you are representing.  Nothing speaks more highly of a product or service than a satisfied customer.

      DO NOT apply for an ambassadorship for a product you do not use or are not familiar with just because of what’s in it for you.
      In the case of athletic Brand Ambassadors, they should be enthusiastic and be a positive role model for others in the sport.   
     While appearances on the podium at races are nice, they are not typically considered a requirement for becoming an ambassador.

·        Be outgoing and comfortable speaking about their sponsor to groups and the public

·        Be a savvy in the use of a variety of social media platforms. (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

·        Be regularly engaged both online and in real life.about their sponsors with friends, followers and sponsors.  

As with your training, you need to plan on dedicating a significant amount of time to promoting your sponsors. Both in person as well as online.

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Being a Brand Ambassador or Sponsored Athlete can be an exciting and very rewarding experience.

Just remember the old saying "Your rewards are proportional to the effort you put forth".

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